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Legacy Royal is a rich, hood youngin’ who is just enjoying his carefree life doing as he pleases. He’s a ladies man and has his lineup of young girls who he uses for one thing or another... and then he has his best friend, Liberty. From the moment he met her at the tender age of six, Legacy knew he wanted to love and protect her at all cost—that included from any dude he felt wasn’t worthy of her. To him, she came before anyone or anything, and he could never see that changing. Unfortunately, when an unexpected opportunity lands in his lap, he has to leave the one girl he couldn’t see himself living without.

Liberty Heart is your typical girl next door—cute, quiet, and, unknowingly, wanted. She’s focused on school, and the only other thing that has her attention is her best friend, Legacy. The moment she met him, they formed an instant bond, and she made him a permanent fixture in her life. However, when he up and leaves her without so much as a goodbye, she has to learn to live without him. Devastated at what she felt was betrayal, she uses her anger to block out the existence of her once best friend... until he’s back and shaking up her world as she knew it.

Legacy reappears older and wiser—wise enough to know he’s not into playing best friend games with Liberty anymore. However, knowing his track record, Liberty is skeptical about what he’s offering. So, what happens when two best friends can’t seem to meet at the lover mark? Lies, drama, heartbreak and everything in between.

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