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The best way to see what’s going on in your business from your customers’ point of view is to get down there in the trenches with them. Get your knees and hands dirty. That’s the best way to find out what’s broke and how to fix it for your customers … who are your whole business. Ah, you forgot that? We are all in a people-dependent business – and it is the people who are your customers that continuously remind you of that!
Make no mistake: There is no longer any ‘captive audience’ out there. Customer loyalty is over. And it will always cost you more to earn a new customer than to hang on to the ones you have. Kneel down. Get on your hands and knees. Find out what customers want so that you can actually give it to them … and hang onto them.

Jamal Ghani was never the Ivory Tower type of executive, and when he became distressed at the plunging level of customer care in our country’s businesses, he had to write a book! He guides seasoned and new managers in his own lessons learned as a long-time operations and healthcare professional. It’s about experiencing your business – for better or worse – just like your customers do. Get out of the Ivory Tower. And be happy that your staff is pointing you out as the one with the dusty knees.

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