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I always said love would find me one day. I just didn’t expect it to look anything like this.
Apparently, that all sounds like an excuse if you ask Skyler, the omega wolf whose seekerstone says he’s my destined mate. According to him, it wasn’t that I was waiting for love to find me, I’m just a workaholic who couldn’t take the time to look.
Before him, it never occurred to me to second guess the long hours, the six day work weeks. There was always one more surgery to perform, one more person for me to try and save. The way I couldn’t save my parents.
Focusing on things I can fix is my way of ignoring the things I can’t. So maybe Skyler’s right. Maybe I did bury myself in work so I didn’t have to face that something was missing in my life.
But he’s here now, and this thing between us, this chemistry, this heat, there’s no ignoring it. Suddenly I’m painfully aware of everything my life was lacking before he came into it. And I’m terrified of having to live without it again.

Bernard Rain is an ambitious werewolf alpha doctor. I can almost feel my parents fainting with approval at the mention of his perfection. He’s everything they ever wanted in a mate for me. Hell, he’s everything they ever wanted me to be.
It’s enough to make me want to run in the opposite direction. If only this damn stone would let me.
It was supposed to make my life easier. To make finding love less of a chore. But its only made my life more complicated.
True love is way more work than was advertised. My past before him doesn’t seem to want to leave me alone, and now I’m even messing up being pregnant with my mate’s child.
I want the love fate seems to think I can have with this man. I want him. But getting what you want is one thing.
Keeping it is another matter entirely…

This 50,000 word novel features wolf shifters, mpreg and fated lovers who couldn’t be less alike. All the sparks from opposites attracting and clashing can be found within, so be eighteen years or older when reading further, please!

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