Buy VANVENE Manual Coffee Grinder, Coffee Bean Grinder, Adjustable Hand Grinder, Ceramic Conical Burr Mill, Mini Portable Home Kitchen Travel Coffee Bean Grinder/Coffee Mill for Precision Brewing

Manufacturer:Moer Sky

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Features :

  • Ergonomic Design - The body features a polypropylene band to increase grasp during grinding, making grinding easier and more efficient

Moer Sky's manual coffee mill grinder provides the ultimate coffee grinding experience for coffee lovers, it makes our life full with fragrance of coffee.
Stainless steel handle bringing enjoyable of grinding beans, it is kind of attitude of life, hearing the beans into pieces or powder slowly.
The manual coffee machine can touch comfortable when you are grinding. Touch like baby skin and also very convenient.
After enjoy grinding the beans and savoring the coffee, the burr mill can easy disassemble and wash by hand. Each part can wash clean and ready for next time.
This coffee mill is easy to control and handle and also a good gift for friends.
Enjoy a cup of coffee with the beautiful sunshine. It's such a pleasant time together with your family, friends or colleagues.

How to use:
1. Turn the locking screw, remove the handle and stopper;
2. Alter the grind size of the coffee grinder to adjust your desired grind level;
3. Put the appropriate amount of coffee beans into the hopper;
4. Lock the grind adjustment nut and install the handle with locking screw;
5. Hold the grinder tightly and spin the handle clockwise slowly to grind coffee beans.

How to clean:
1.Take apart the grinder, immerse the mill in a weak, neutral detergent & thoroughly rinse;
2.Let it dry completely before assembling;
3.Do not put in the dishwasher, use bleach or immerse the entire grinder under water;
4.You can use a toothbrush to gently clean any residue from the grinder;
5.We also suggest when first grinding white rice through the grinder until it comes out clean (with no coffee specks) in addition to cleaning with soap and water. We give ours a thorough cleaning once every other week.

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