Buy YESNO P15 Women Casual Loose Floral Rompers Jumpsuits Overalls 100% Cotton Ripped Loose Waist Pocket

Color:P15 Gray

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Features :

  • As 'Casual Style', it is nice whether it is loose on you or it fits you well. So it can work for several sizes.

Size Chart for P91:
One Size (for L-2XL): Length(Adjustable Shoulder Straps)(129cm/50.8"); Inseam Length(53cm/20.9"); Waist(116m/45.7"); Hips(128cm/50.4"); Thigh(80cm/31.5"); Calf(68cm/26.9"); Leg Opening(64cm/25.2");

Size Chart For PF0:
L: Length (exclusive of the straps which is adjustable)(107cm/42.2"); Inseam Length(56cm/22.1"); Waist(110m/43.3"); Hips(132cm/52.0"); Thigh (86cm/33.9"); Calf(88cm/34.7"); Leg Opening(86cm/33.9");
XL: Length (exclusive of the straps which is adjustable)(109cm/42.9"); Inseam Length(57cm/22.5"); Waist(114m/44.9"); Hips(136cm/53.6"); Thigh(88cm/34.7");Calf(89cm/35.1"); Leg Opening (88cm/34.7");

Size Chart For PE5:
M: Length (exclusive of the straps which are adjustable)(103cm/40.6"); Inseam Length(44cm/17.3"); Waist (100m/39.4"); Hips(120cm/47.3"); Thigh(80cm/31.5"); Leg Opening(80cm/31.5");
L : Length (exclusive of the straps which are adjustable)(105cm/41.4"); Inseam Length(45cm/17.7"); Waist(104m/41.0"); Hips(124cm/48.9"); Thigh(82cm/32.3");Leg Opening (82cm/32.3");
XL: Length(exclusive of the straps which are adjustable)(111cm/43.7"); Inseam Length(47cm/18.5"); Waist(110m/43.3"); Hips(132cm/52.0"); Thigh(88cm/34.7"); Leg Opening(88cm/34.7");

Size Chart For PA4:
M: Length (Shoulder Strap Can be Adjusted)(89cm/35.1"); Waist(114cm/44.9"); Hips(125cm/49.3"); Leg Girth(55cm/21.7");Leg Opening (43cm/16.9");
L: Length (Shoulder Strap Can be Adjusted) (91cm/35.9"); Waist (118cm/46.5"); Hips (129cm/50.8"); Leg Girth (56cm/22.1"); Leg Opening (44cm/17.3");

Size Chart For PB3:One Size (for M-L, US8-14): Length (Shoulder Strap Can be Adjusted) (124cm/48.9"); Waist (104m/41.0"); Hips (120cm/47.3"); Leg Girth (74cm/29.2"); Calf Girth (cm/"); Leg Opening (50cm/19.7");

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