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From the Bestselling Author of Mead Mountain.

James Larson is in love… with himself.

Dr. James Larson, professor of philosophy, has one special talent: he can make his students doubt everything their parents ever taught them. He can take a child’s faith in God, which has been nurtured for eighteen years, and tear it down in a single semester.

His own worldview is shaken to the core, however, when he awakes to discover an imprint of a cross has inexplicably appeared on his chest overnight. Dr. Larson, an avowed atheist, is quick to rule out the possibility of God’s miracles at play. But he finds more questions than answers with each new piece of the puzzle: a photograph of a beautiful stranger, a diamond engagement ring, and a woman’s name written on his shower wall…


Rediscovering Emily is a story about God’s love for us, the broken. It’s about a God who not only forgives, but relentlessly pursues. It’s a story about God’s beauty reflected in the face of a woman.

Rediscovering Emily is a B.K. Dell kind of love story. Packed with twists and surprises, it’s a hilarious story which—layer upon layer—grows steadily more tangled. The beginning will make you think; the middle will make you laugh; and the ending will make your heart rejoice.

B.K. Dell—Releasing Fiction From its Cage.

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